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Camille Delafon is a composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Paris, Stockholm (SW) and The Hague (NL)

She composes for a wide range of projects and contexts, from film and television to live music and sound installation.

Trained as a jazz pianist, she holds a DEM in electroacoustic composition from the Conservatoire Régional de Paris and studied contemporary music at the Conservatoire Régional d'Aubervilliers.

Her music bears the trace of these practices, first and foremost in the way she invests sound space as the primary canvas in and with which she composes. Her productions, whether acoustic or electronic, reflect the same attention to texture and timbre, and the development of minimal melodies or motifs.

She likes to lead a hearing to developp a music that is, although far from ambient or drone, is often described as atmospheric. She seeks to propose a musical journey that, close to the smell, would feel like the strange reminiscence of a buried memory. A music that seeks to resonate with one own's existential experience, summoning both soul and body in an intimate and collective listening experience.


Trained as a classical pianist, Camille Delafon studied jazz and improvisation techniques for 4 years at the American School of Modern Music (Paris, Berklee Network).

She began composing her first film scores, and discovered her passion for sound production techniques. She then entered the Conservatoire du 20eme de Paris to study electroacoustic music.

She holds a DEM in electroacoustic composition with congratulations from the Jury of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris. Her diploma thesis is entitled : electroacoustic music in cinema : a peculiar proposition ? (1982-2010).

Continuing her exploration of sound, this time at instrumental and acoustic level, she then entered the Conservatoire Régional d'Aubervilliers for two years to study contemporary composition.

Trained in spatialization techniques (muliticanal/acousmonium/binaural), she will be training in ambisonics in 2019 at EMS in Stockholm, where she will be in residence that year.

music for films

Camille Delafon has composed music for numerous feature films and documentaries for cinema and television (Arte, Canal +, France TV), including the most recent No one and Nothing by Gallien Guibert (90', release February 2024, Festival So Film, Estivals des Premiers Plans d'Angers), C'est comme ça, by Sarah Bellanger (60 'France TV, diff. in June 2024), Miyazaki : Vivre! by Léo Favier (Arte, release and diff. tba).


She was selected for prestigious programs such as Emergence Cinéma (2017), Trio (2021, Sacem/Maison du film), European film Market (2023, Festival Musique et Cinéma de Marseille). She has presented her work in masterclasses, notably at the Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers in 2024 and at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

She is also pursuing her work on the sound/music-image relationship by collaborating with visual artists and photographers on installations and videos. In 2020, during a solo residency at the AR/VR Amaze-Berlin space (Institut Français de Suède, Institut Francais de Berlin, Amaze) she had carte blanche to invest the multi-player virtual space, where developed 3 installations within a single trail/track game.


In 2018 she created a course at ESRA film school (Brussels) entitled "Analysis and creation of the film soundtrack", aimed at Masters students in the sound and directing and production departments. In 2020, she was invited to teach at cinema department of the Royal Academy of arts.

She is co-founder of Collectif Troisième Autrice, an association of woman and gender minorities composers, aimed to raise their visibility and create a supportive space for exchanging and sharing knowledge and experience. The association has been supported since 2022 by the CNM, SACEM and the French Ministry of Culture.

electroacoustic music / contemporary music /installations

Camille Delafon electroacoustic work combines field recording, sound processing, sound synthesis and the use of acoustic instruments.


While her pieces are more akin to sound art, her compositional approach of time, dynamics and timbres belong very much to the musical field. Her aims to lead a listening experience, inviting to connect the listener with the sonic imprint of his.her existential experience. Her compositions are all together poetic, dramatic and sometimes political experiences, summoning the intimate in a collective way.


Her music has been performed and broadcast at numerous festivals (SONORS, Les siestes acousmatiques, Futura...). In 2023, she released on Bandcamp the album Body and Soul, whose eponymous music was a finalist in the Phonurgia Nova competition.

In recent years, this part of her work has evolved towards site-specific installations. Reminiscent of her work for the cinema, she creates a scene carved out by the placement of the speakers and the acoustic specificities of the site.

There, she proposes a sensitive experience of the world and time from within the site, replacing the "point of view" by a fantasied "point of sound" drawing on elements that may be historical, architectural or symbolic, fictional or intimate.

Debut album solo project

Between 2018 and 2021, Camille Delafon lived in Sweden. Her new environment impressed her so much it inspired her a new project, which she initiated without any a priori. This led her to exploring new musical territories, ones mold by night and trees, water and rocks, light and cold.

She soon discovered that she needed to write lyrics that she would sing/speak. Living her Swedish life in English, a language she has long been particularly fond of, and her musical identity being very far from French tradition of "chanson", she decided to write in English.


On this album one will embrace all her musical tropisme, what occupies her and what she loves most: spaces and textures, the sharing of an "existential" experience of music, on the edge of an abstract narrative... all in all, quite a cinematographic music.
Release of first single: Mai 2024


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