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Camille Delafon is a French composer and music producer.
She has been composing film music for about fifteen years for cinema and television. She is also a composer of electroacoustic and contemporary music, and in recent years her work has leaned towards sound installations.

First trained as a pianist, she studied jazz, improvisation techniques and arrangement at the American School of Modern Music (Paris). In the meantime she started composing her first film scores, through which she discovered and became fascinated by the techniques of sound processing, mixing and spatialization.

While continuing to score for films, she entered the Conservatoire du 20ème of Paris in electroacoustic composition and then the Regional Conservatory of Paris, where she graduated (DEM). Pursuing the exploration of her writing, she then joined the contemporary music composition class, in the Regional Conservatory of Aubervilliers, where she studied for 2 years.

Camille has composed the music of a dozen short films and documentaries for cinema and television, and several feature films, including Rien ni Personne, the first feature film by director Gallien Guibert (to be released in summer 2023).

For this film noir, her score mixing electronic, cello and piano received the support of the Sacem and the CNC. Camille is a laureate of the Emergence, Trio and 3eme personnage professional programs.

Her practices in sound installations (in which she often collaborates with other visual artists or photographers), concert music and music for films are porous and feed each other. 

Her piece Body and Soul was a finalist of the Phonurgia Nova international competition (2011), and her sound installations have been presented at the Montrouge design fair, at La Générale (Paris), at La Teste de Buch, or in the VR space A.Maze (Berlin).

His first solo album will be released in summer 2023.

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